Comprehensive Network Visibility

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Robust and scalable, IRIS is a data collection framework that is purpose-built to deliver network management data quickly and efficiently.

Inspired by the everyday challenges faced by ISPs, IRIS was designed to solve a range of problems with ease. The system makes it possible to report on large amounts of data in a meaningful way.

Choose IRIS if you need

  • Your Network Management System taken care of.
  • Round-the-clock support.
  • Automated routine tasks that take care of themselves.
  • Fast light network polling.
  • Near real-time reflection of network changes.
  • A high availability platform.
  • Minimal data loss during severe network outages.
  • To monitor and report on everything with one simple tool.
  • Cutting-edge hardware and technology.


Designed to Help You

  • IRIS Netflow
  • IRIS SD Reporter
  • IRIS Maps
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