IRIS Fortigate Reporting – Network Security

Network Security reports and analytics with IRIS Fortigate Reporting

In today’s marketplace, network security is fast becoming a central practice for businesses. The modern network environment constantly faces various network security threats. These threats take on many more forms than just the usual suspects; hackers and viruses.

By and large, the biggest threats to network security today are the people who use the network on a daily basis – most often without them even realizing it. Security loopholes exist both at the perimeters of your environment, and within it. This is why one can’t be too diligent when it comes to network management. Building effective security around your environment requires planning. IT administrators need clear roadmaps that lead to a network that is secure, stable and predictable.

As new network security threats arise, administrators need to adapt to any loopholes that exist within the environment. Although the goalposts are always moving, network security can be attained with due diligence and the correct tools. Network monitoring software offers administrators and engineers alike the necessary tools to identify network security threats as they arise, and to take the appropriate corrective measures.

IRIS supports FortiGate UTM Security devices with a near real-time network security monitoring and analysis tool. This tool includes health graphs for your physical devices and Virtual Domains. Through FortiGate Reporting, data is turned into valuable and actionable information that provides engineers with a detailed view of events and occurrences, resulting in maximized efficiency. This reporting is on par with network security best practice.

Fortigate Reporting takes full advantage of the richness of data on Fortinet devices and seamlessly integrates it into the IRIS Data Collection Engine (DCE) for analysis.

Fortigate Reporting Network Security functions include:

  • Anti-Virus
  • CPU Usage
  • Disk Usage
  • IMAP
  • Policy Traffic
  • Web Filter and Web Guard
  • VOIP

Fortigate Reporting offers valuable metrics on the flow of inbound and outbound traffic. 

The tool also optimizes network security, allowing for accurate, proactive planning and analysis around looming threats and bandwidth optimization needs. Constant analysis of network utilization trends empowers you to understand the ebbs and flows of your environment, and gives you the information you need to make the right decisions around shaping the flow of your network traffic. 



IRIS Fortigate Reporting – Network Security

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