IRIS IPAM – IP Address Management

IRIS IPAM is an Internet Protocol Address Management system designed to assist Providers and Enterprises in effectively managing their IP address space. Our IP Address Management tool aims to provide as comprehensive a service as possible, while maintaining ease of use. IRIS IPAM gives clients full control over their networks, allowing for unprecedented insight into the way their networks operate.

The IRIS IPAM system features support for both IPv4 and IPv6, and enables easy browsing of network blocks and host addresses with a logical tree view. The tool also includes support for managing multiple networks, both physical and virtual, within the same view. Allocated blocks can be organized into different assignment classes, such as point-to- point or customer networks. IRIS IPAM also makes it possible to store customer information and intended routing data (e.g. VLAN or layer-3 interface) for non-live blocks.


Some of the IRIS IPAM features include:


  • Allocating and managing IP v4 and v6 address network blocks
  • Allocating and managing IPv4 and v6 host addresses in network blocks
  • Auto-assigning network blocks from specified classes (eg. point-to-point from Rosebank node)
  • Browsing network blocks and host addresses in logical tree view
  • Managing separate networks (VPN) in one logical view
  • Showing where separate networks overlap IP address space
  • Storing VRF information for routes (RD information)
  • Merging and splitting networks
  • Comparing live network routed blocks to blocks allocated in the system (this requires IRIS discovery)
  • Displaying routing information about when last network blocks were seen on the network
  • Search network blocks
  • Storing routing information, including VLAN information, from live network / allocated blocks
  • Achieving true WAN Optimization
  • Ease of use

IRIS IPAM – IP Address Management

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