IRIS Core – Network Management Software

Centralized network management software for effective performance monitoring

Enterprise and carrier-grade networks need constant monitoring. These environments need powerful and agile Network Management Software that is capable of adapting to, and keeping up with today’s fast expanding, increasingly complex networks.

IRIS Core is a network performance monitoring solution that is delivered as a network service. Our software tools are built using open source technologies that allow for maximum flexibility and limitless customization options. This ensures that our clients benefit from cutting edge technologies and the latest trends in network management. Our network consultants are always available for support and are happy to assist you in getting the most out of our powerful software. There are no upgrade costs for this Network Management Software, meaning that our customers benefit from the constant improvement of our software at no additional cost.

IRIS Core Features

  • Easily deployed in your environment and collects data within minutes.
  • Powerful reporting functions for detailed real-time and historic data.
  • Pulls metrics from devices without overhead on network devices.
  • Low-touch technology capable of recovering from errors automatically.
  • Strategic polling for fast data acquisition and advanced reporting and analysis.
  • Built-in support for a wide range of networking devices.

IRIS Core was designed and developed with an acute understanding of what it takes to monitor, manage and optimize today’s  complex enterprise network environments. Comprehensive yet lightweight, IRIS Core collects metrics from thousands of devices on networks and presents data in an easy-to-understand graphical format.



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