IRIS Network Monitoring Software

To ensure that systems are running optimally, it is vital to monitor large-scale networks round the clock. Today, networks are highly complex, meaning that keeping a human eye on them is not sufficient. Enterprises and telecommunication companies alike need network monitoring software to ensure that these complex systems are running smoothly.

In today’s fast-paced business world there is no room for network downtime. When networks are down, businesses grind to a halt. Protect your business with our proactive monitoring solutions that alert you to developing problems before they are able to stop your network in its tracks. This software increases uptime, making for more stable, predictable systems. Pull reports with ease and make informed decisions based on the wealth of information that this network monitoring software provides.

IRIS is a complete network monitoring software solution that aids enterprises and carrier-grade networks in their quest for zero downtime and peak performance.

Why Choose IRIS?

Robust and scalable data collection framework that is purpose-built to deliver network management data quickly and efficiently.
  • Round-the-clock support.
  • Automated routine tasks that take care of themselves.
  • Fast lite network polling.
  • Near real-time reflection of network changes.
  • A high availability platform.
  • Minimal data loss during severe network outages.
  • Your Network Management System taken care of.
  • To monitor and report on everything with one simple tool.
  • Cutting-edge hardware and technology.



IRIS is not just a powerful software package – it’s a solution that surpasses expectations. By drawing reports and predicting trends Iris can provide the information necessary to plan, and thus avoid a range of network issues. IRIS gets the right information to the right people, at the right time.


IRIS Netflow

Netflow data is exported from networked devices to IRIS Netflow Collectors, which are distributed around the network. This data can then be accessed seamlessly from the Centralized IRIS Portal.


IRIS SD Reporter

IRIS-SD Reporting provides ACME Packet customers with a CDR reporting and analysis tool, which includes ACME health graphs. Originally designed by engineers to assist with troubleshooting, this product evolved to assist in revenue assurance for both Service Providers and the Enterprise.



IRIS Maps is a network tool that visually displays important network information. Displayed Data is continuously updated to reflect the alarm status of your network on a manually created HTML5 canvas.



IRIS IPAM is an IP address management system designed to assist Providers and Enterprises in managing their IP address space.

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Why Choose IRIS?

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