IRIS Maps – Network Reporting

Visualize your environment through network reporting with IRIS Maps

The IRIS Maps module is a powerful tool that generates visually detailed network reporting maps, displaying all important network information to the user. For ease of use, create your own custom maps and set up alerts as per your unique requirements. IRIS Maps offers comprehensive views of complex networking environments.

Frequent updates reflect the alarm status of the networks that are being monitored, thereby keeping your IT staff in the loop at all times. Maps are easy to create and start collecting and displaying information as soon as they have been implemented. IRIS Maps allows you to simplify vast network monitoring responsibilities with smart, visual representations of your environment.

IRIS Maps offers real-time graphical representations for quick data intake.

Options and benefits include:

  • Creating custom network reporting maps as required by your network
  • Configuring custom alerts according to your environment
  • Saving maps per user
  • Zooming in and focusing on specific areas of the network map
  • Enjoying near real-time visual updates from the dashboard

IRIS Maps - Network Reporting

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