Network Systems are the backbone of the modern business. With so many critical business processes depending on reliable connectivity, good network architecture and well-managed bandwidth, having a handle on the various technologies and practices that form part of good Network Systems is an invaluable business advantage. 

In light of outsourced IT management, the cloud, virtualised servers and large-scale Wide Area Networks (WANs), which often span several countries or continents, Network System Management is a very different discipline to that of just 10 or 15 years ago. 

In the following pages, we’ve put together a selection of some of the best Network Systems resources in a number of categories.


IRIS Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring Tools

To ensure that you get the best possible service from your network at all times, it’s vital to have insight into the way that data moves around your network environment. Network monitoring tools make it possible to track, monitor and analyse the flow of data around your network, alerting you to any changes in network behaviour and keeping you ahead of the curve when it comes to the performance of your network.

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IRIS Voice Over IP

Voice over IP

Voice over IP (VOIP) has come a long way since we first heard of the technology. Today a popular alternative to traditional telephony solutions such as PBX, VOIP is winning over the hearts of the private and business consumer.

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IRIS IT Strategy

IT Strategy

Not having an IT strategy is akin to navigating unknown terrain without a detailed map. Networks are hardly static, and planning for the expansion of your environment means understanding its historic context. Few people outside of IT even think about the importance of an IT strategy and simply assume that networks will grow and remain stable as more and more devices and people attach to it.

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IRIS Internet Monitor

Internet Monitor

Bandwidth is always a contentious issue whether at home or in the office. We’re always fighting over precious bandwidth to get to the website we want or to download the content we crave. An internet monitor gives you a complete view of who is doing what online and allows you to identify problem users, or devices on your network.

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IRIS Open Source

Open Source Network Monitoring

Broadly speaking, open source software refers to any program with its source code made available to the public so that other developers or customers can. Open source network monitoring tools are becoming increasingly commonplace in Enterprise Network Management.

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IRIS Network Architecture

Network Architecture

Whether physical or virtual, cloud or in-house, your network architecture needs monitoring tools that aid you in optimising your environment to accommodate business demand. The characteristics of each network architecture varies based on the size, nature of business and geographical span of the organisation.

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IRIS Network Performance

Network Performance Monitoring

Network performance monitoring is the practice of measuring a variety of metrics in order to determine the level of service on your network. Typically, network performance monitoring is focused on identifying performance bottlenecks within the network environment through using a carefully selected set of metrics.

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WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization relies on a number of technologies, all of which play a part in ensuring your network operates in the most efficient way possible and caters to the needs of your business at all times. Having a good grasp of these technologies is instrumental in understanding how to best optimise network performance on your WAN.

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