Internet Monitor

Bandwidth is a contentious issue on any network, whether it’s in the home or at the office. We’re always fighting over precious bandwidth to get to the website we want or to download the content we crave. An Internet Monitor gives you a complete bird’s-eye-view of who is doing what online and allows you to identify problem users or devices on your network. By giving you insight into the browsing habits of your users, an Internet Monitor makes it easy to secure ROI from your network costs and prevent abuse of company assets.

Organisations lose many productive hours due to staff browsing the web for non-work-related activities. Social networks, content-heavy sites and streaming media are notorious for robbing businesses of their employees – and their bandwidth – for hours on end. Apart from those who are killing time online, staff who are actually being productive are prevented from doing so when the network is under-performing.

As most applications are network dependent nowadays, it is crucial for IT professionals to implement an Internet Monitor that evaluates traffic as it passes through the wire and prioritise the right traffic, so that the business can operate at maximum capacity.


With an internet monitor you can achieve the following:

  • Eliminate internet abuse
  • Stamp out bandwidth hogging applications
  • Identify trends occurring in the environment
  • Build a tight security policy
  • Identify bandwidth capacity challenges and address them

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