Network Architecture

Network architecture is the design of a communications network. Simply put it is the basic specifications of the networks physical components and functional organisation. The architecture of a network would provide a full map, view of all the resources contained within. It is used to depict all of the layers in a logical format, describing each in detail. The complexity of such an network can not be understood without such a framework.

Whether physical or virtual, cloud or in-house, the architecture of your network needs monitoring tools. These tools will aid you in optimising your environment to accommodate business demand. The characteristics of network architecture can vary significantly from business to business based on the size, nature of business and geographical span of the organisation at hand.

How you approach the growth path of your environment depends largely on your perspective of your network architecture. Network monitoring software paints a clear picture of your systems and gives you acute insight to weaknesses in the environment. It is imperative to use the monitoring and reporting tools at your disposal in order to get a detailed perspective on your network.

With network monitoring software you are able to:

  • Map out your current network architecture
  • Get a clear perspective on the expansion of your network 
  • Plan for growth accurately and make more informed decisions
  • Identify security, logistical or design weaknesses in your network 

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