[SLIDESHARE] How an effective Network Management System benefits your business

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[SLIDESHARE] How an effective Network Management System benefits your business

Maintaining a healthy and effective network is part and parcel of doing business today. With so much of the business world going digital, the way you manage your technology assets directly correlates with real, tangible Return on Investment (ROI). But, while a growing number of businesses have shifted many or most of their business processes into the digital realm, surprisingly few take the necessary steps to ensure their IT assets – and their data – are being managed as effectively as possible. Network Management Systems give you unprecedented insight into your network environment, allow you to spot weak points before they’re exploited, and, ultimately, help you get more bang for your buck from your IT resources.

Choosing the right Network Management System for your needs is imperative

Just like your business, your network environment operates in a way that is unique to you. While there are some features common to all well-managed network environments, the specific context of your network goes a long way towards determining your Network Management needs. For example, you might need regular reports on specific metrics within your environment that not every Network Management System offers, or you might want that data to be presented in a specific graphical format. That’s not all, though – your network environment is bound to grow in scale and complexity with time, and opting for a Network Management System that can cater to both the present and future of your environment is essential for forward-thinking businesses.

In this slideshare,  we’ve summarised the most pertinent business benefits of using the right network monitoring system, and how you can go about making sure that you’re  using the best option for your needs.

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Over the +15 years in the network engineering and design field, I have gained key insights into what it takes to make large-scale enterprise networks tick. Having spent years with top players in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry, has exposed me to the myriad of technologies and intricacies involved in large scale network administration. Maximising Enterprise and ISP efficiency, and designing software that facilitates this goal presents great challenges in the context of ever-expanding global networks. At IRIS Network Solutions we are a team of ISP and Enterprise monitoring and management specialists who identified a need for a more comprehensive, proactive and low touch NMS. We developed IRIS with the key concerns of IT Executives concerned with large enterprises and ISPs in mind.