Effectively Managing Your Network

  • Network monitoring is a critical IT process where all networking components such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and VMs are monitored for fault and performance

Evaluated continuously to maintain and optimize their availability

  • Network monitoring should be proactive

Finding performance issues and bottlenecks proactively helps in identifying issues at the initial stage

Efficicient proactive monitoring can prevent network downtime or failures

Basic Functions of NMS

Network Monitoring Systems provide five basic functions:

  • Discover
  • Map
  • Monitor
  • Alert
  • Report

Attributes of a Strong NMS

  • Data and analytics are key
  • Data should be available at your fingertips
  • Built for high speed data collection
  • Fully API driven
  • Built to scale
  • Unified view from multiple data-sources


What is NMS?

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